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lesbian_erotica's Journal

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Lesbian Erotica
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This community is for the sole purpose of posting lesbian erotica. . .you can share your favorite published story (please give appropriate credit) or post your own story you've written for us. Don't be shy! As long as it's lesbian, most other stuff is ok. However, I do reserve the right to remove a post if I think it's too inflammatory.

PLEASE NOTE THE RULES: You MUST use the lj cut feature in order for your post to be approved by me, the moderator. If you do not use the lj cut feature, I will not approve your post. (Technical details: You may post one paragraph consisting of no more than five lines without a cut. More than that must be put behind a cut.) I also do not approve of any posts that do not have to do with lesbian erotica. No posts advertising your new community, no "hey, I'm new here, anybody else live in xyz?" posts, JUST EROTICA. Poems are ok, as long as they are erotic. However, there is a community for lesbian poetry, so if you write a lot of poetry, you may want to consider joining that community as well.

Also, for posts that include bisexuality (in other words, a man), please indicate this somewhere in or above the LJ cut link. Some members are ok with reading this; some are not. Please give the readers the option.

Membership is open to anybody at anytime.

I don't get online every day, so if your post isn't approved right away, don't worry. I will try to get to it once a week during the school year; more often during the summer and holidays. If I don't get to you within a week, please e-mail me at jolliebrat@hotmail.com and send me a gentle reminder. :)

Any questions? Please e-mail me.

Happy posting!

(This community is maintained by jolliebrat.)

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