xstoriesandtoys (xstoriesandtoys) wrote in lesbian_erotica,

Royalty, Vanity, and Lust for Blood.

This is a graphic S&M short story I wrote.   

Miranda, adorned in her tightest corset and gown, exited her father’s carriage at the entry of a large stone house. “This is a way for you to become a lady, and don’t fear, it is the closest to the estate, should we come and visit you,” her father assured her as he took her arm and guided her to the heavy wooden doors. The footman followed close behind with the trunk and luggage. 
Her father, a graying man, lifted and released the heavy iron knocker. A thin, frail man answered; his clothes in shams, but still shown a bright green. “Yes, sir?” he asked. 

Read it here.
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