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College love

First time writing anything like this please let me know what you think but please be nice to me!

They say dreams happen for a reason, but maybe our dreams are linked to inner truths we hid from the world. Every woman at every college campus has little secrets and details she tries to hide; no matter where you’re from you will do what it takes to fit in.  


At The Academy of Art in San Francisco it was no different for Amy Jax and Peyton Marie they had seen each other around town before because they ran in similar circles that hung out in the same Apartment building. But Amy was always really shy when she was around Peyton because she was so had the long blond wavy curls that made your heart stop, with one look into her cloud blue eyes, your mind would race one gaze at her slender body with those charming curves in all the right places. Everyone always talked about how she wasn’t very smart but that was a common misconception. She was known for her short term with men, and I am sure most of them were jealous of each other and pissed that she just wouldn’t put up with anymore of their bullshit.  


If you are ever lucky enough to get to spend time with Peyton it will be the best time you have ever spent. She has this amazing outlook on the world and relationships; she is actually very smart when it comes to understanding the human mind. Her experience has not only shaped her, but they also shape your view on things. She has a so to speak legend about her, which sometimes I am sure she finds annoying. Imagine how hard it would be to change your life if you can’t out run your past. 


As if the world had a bigger plan for both of them they both enrolled into the fine arts program and each had no idea until they ran into each other in the Westfield san Francisco  center  one day and both were happy to have each other in the very same program. Amy just couldn’t believe how excited she was to be getting a new friend in her program at school. From the moment they entered the same class they were Buddies always helping each other with school, spending time together on their breaks from classes, they even went to the bathroom together. As the months wore on they began to get closer confiding in each other when it came to relationships, family, or any sort of problem that they encountered. They began hanging out, going shopping together really taking the time to get to know each other and become very close. They even started the tradition of spending Friday nights at Peyton’s place. She lived with a roommate but he usually was out on dates so they had run of the house. The two of them would make these amazing dinners together and watch all the chick flicks their overly masculine boyfriends wouldn’t watch with them. 


One Friday night after finishing a grueling week of studying and exams, Amy and Peyton make plans to have dinner and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s a classic Audrey Hepburn film. So After Amy was done work she headed over to Peyton’s place her long brown hair swaying from her pony tail back and forth. With her heels clicking on the leaf colored side walk. As she reached Peyton she smoothed out her blue jeans and smoothed out her fly a way’s near her temple. Peyton Answered the door in her low cut blue jeans that showed off her curvaceous hips, wearing her cute little red angel shirt. She had straightened her golden hair so it was cascading over her shoulders it shimmered in the light. 

They greeted each other with a hug and Peyton took Amy’s coat so they could get started on making dinner and tonight they were making roasted chicken, Caesar salad, mashed potatoes and gravy and apple crisp for desert. 

They started by taking the roasted chicken and placing it in the pan, by added the mixture of oil and spices on top the chicken after the holes and been punctures so the herbs can be absorbed and make the chicken crispier and to help the flavor pass on through the meat. Then they started peeling and boiling the potatoes. While they were waiting Amy asks “Peyton lets dance so the potatoes boil faster” so Peyton put on some booty shaken music so they danced as the potatoes boiled.  After they had boiled they had put them aside. And cut up the apples and prepared the oats, flour for the crisp then they added it to the oven. While they waited they put on the movie and sat together watching the amazing love story and the grace of Audrey Hepburn. They sat on the couch together sitting close beside each other as their arms slightly grazed each other giving each other Goosebumps as the electricity left one body setting the other almost on fire with chemistry. 

As the food is prepared and cooked they sit down to eat their food and finish their movie, it may have not been glamorous but it was enjoyable.  They sit and drink some red wine, talking to each other about their love lives, the joys of dysfunctional families. After a few more classes Peyton says “Amy I think you should draw me “, it’s kind of hard to say no since that’s what Amy was going to school for. So Amy gets out her charcoal pencils and sketch pad. Peyton says “Amy I want you to sketch me nude and slowly begins to undress slowly peeling off her shirt and undoing her jeans slowly pulling each leg out of the stiff blue jeans, finally undoing her bra as her perky little tits get colder and her nipples get harder, she slowly starts to pull of her thong until she stands completely naked in front of Amy. Amy’s heart is racing she can’t help but look at all of Peyton’s amazing curves and her luscious breasts. Slowly she moves toward Peyton tucking her golden hair behind her ears, has her lie down on the couch.  

Amy starts sketching her face and slowly starts the outline for her curvaceous body, watching and looking at every detail from the mole on her right knee to the curve of her chin and nose. As she was drawing the beauty of Peyton’s body. She could feel her whole body tingling , she liked Peyton as a person , but suddenly she felt an attraction like she had  never felt between with a man before. She realized this was the best sketch she had done in along time, it captured her grace and beauty. Amy let out a perfect sigh as she looked down at her work, she looked up and gazed into Peyton’s eyes as she said “My god your beautiful Peyton”, And Peyton said “ yeah right” and so Amy said “ if you won’t believe me look for yourself “ So Peyton said up and looked at herself on the paper and realized Amy was right. Amy Looked deep into Peyton’s crystal blue eyes and  grazed her hand gently across her check and whispered in her ear “ words can’t express how beautiful you are to me. So she leaned and kissed Peyton back, It was as if they were both lit on fire with passion and the chemistry just bounced between them. Slowly they moved towards the couch there lips still passionately kissing one another Peyton threw Amy on the couch and straddled her legs with her perk tits near Amy’s face, They continued kissing each other’s lips, neck and slowly Amy started kissing Peyton’s breasts and she began to slowly and tenderly lick her nipples, all the while Peyton is sensually touching Amy’s hair. Amy slowly begins to bit ever so gently and reaches her hand to slowly graze Peyton’s stomach moving farther and farther down her body until her hand is resting on her pubic mound so she moves her fingers down and slowly begins to rub Peyton’s clit, soon the moans start to escape Peyton’s mouth and begin to get louder and louder, Right before Peyton is about to cum Amy flips her over so Peyton is lying on the couch with Amy above her she starts kissing her from her neck slowly moving down her stomach and below.  

As she reaches the mound Peyton’s body begins to move in anticipation of what is to come , as Amy’s tongue touched Peyton’s very swollen and hard clit, the moans that came out of Peyton’s mouth were epic she began to tease her clit with her tongue. And slowly inserting her fingering slowly at first but then building memento as she licked and sucked on her clit, licking her pussy lips up and down and tongue fucking her as she played with her breasts. But because even the greatest things in life cannot possibly last forever Peyton was grinding and as Amy’s finger not only touched but kept massaging her G spot and soon Peyton screamed “ I am gunna cum “ to which Amy responded “Good Girl now cum for me baby cum on my face” and cum she did Peyton not only came from all the clit play but at the same time she squirted like a fountain nearly drowning Amy’s face  with her juices , As Peyton’s body began to tremble from the full body orgasm that can only be achieved by true “Au Natural” Squirting. Amy lifted her head and stared into Peyton’s eyes and said “okay now it’s my turn!” 



And in an instant Peyton sat straight up and reached her gentle hand down to caress Amy’s face and gently lifted her up to her feet and slowly ran her down her back as Amy ran her runs up and Peyton’s neck. So then Peyton slowly moved them down on to the couch, they collapsed in  a pile, with Peyton straddling Amy as she was lying down on the couch “ was this something like what you wanted” Peyton said to Amy, Amy had a slow but steady smile that escaped her lips, totally a dead give a way but how could she not . Peyton looked absolutely breathtaking; her long blonde hair was almost glowing, just as Amy was being coming overwhelmed by the beauty and the fully erotic moment. Peyton reached her hand down cupping Amy’s face read leaned in kissed her so passionately, and then started kissing her neck and slowly almost feverishly so moved her way down to her breasts and began kissing her breasts sucking her nipples . Then slowly moving her angelic kisses and the way down to that source of the love juice that Amy was dying to release, Peyton started my kissing her lips up and down then she reached her hot tongue out and began licking her clit and slowly she began to rub the rest of her and slowly began inserting her finger slowly and first but as Amy started bucking her hips she began to not only lick her clit harder and harder but she began to slowly finger fuck her and she began to reach her fingers up to that sweet spongy spot .By this time Amy’s eyes were starting to roll back in her head. So Peyton looked at Amy and said “how would you like to lick my pussy while I lick yours”, Amy replied “I would like that a lot” So Peyton turned her soft and slender body positioning her hot and juicy pussy in Amy’s face she straddled her face, Peyton lead down and started licking her clit and resumed finger fuck her as Amy licked and finger fucked her at the same time. They began reaching their fingers up and pressing on the sweet spongy area deep inside, Amy said “Peyton I think I am going to make a mess 

” Yes baby be a good girl and cum for me! I want you to cum on my face as I lick you clit” suddenly as if hit by a wave of pre orgasmic ecstasy, The orgasm suddenly began to build and before Amy knew what was happening she started squirting huge streams and as she did it was so erotic that Peyton started screaming “I am going to cum”  “yes baby cum on my face” Amy replied , And so they both started squirting there sweet juice nearly drowning each other in their love juice, they both started having full body orgasms and their body’s began to tremble and amazingly they both were still squirting and shaking just reeling from the earth- shattering- heaven trembling orgasm the most intense orgasm  either had encountered In their lives.

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