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Petting the Kitty

This is a story that I wrote. It's actually not fictional and about a really hot time I had with a co-worker one night at work.

Katherine and I were co workers. She was someone I instantly hit it off with, as someone who is always inside there own head I don't take to people to kindly.She was 5'5 with shoulder length messy black hair. An almost pale but tan white skin. She usually wore black and nothing but skirts, it was her way of making a feminist statement. Yes she was a goth but a hot goth. She had a little meat on her which I loved and a very nice round ass. The only thing besides her eyes that showed traces of her Columbian heritage.

We worked an overnight shift in a home setting. It was easy for us to lounge around and do nothing all night till the morning came.

We did our daily routine and cleaned the house before we went out to my car to sit and smoke something very much illegal. Our other co-worker was already asleep by this time. He was pretty useless when it came to doing any kind of work, he usually just came in waited till all the residents were in there bedrooms before he fell asleep. So we did our routine, she cleaned the kitchen and I cleaned the bathrooms. Sweeping the floors, doing the laundry and putting all the dishes in dish washer and preparing lunches. Then we'd go out to my car with her cartoon of cigarettes to cover up any lingering smell. We would sit for about hours and talk about anything that came to mind, for someone who has been in my life for only a short amount of time i had no problem being comfortable with her. I probably told her more things then I did other people. We'd talk about past experiences, present situations with people that we chose to remain in denial about. We called my car "the box" and in the box is where we would say things to each other that would normally rip at out psyches to admit out loud let alone to anyone else. When we'd finish we'd walk inside ,with hopefully a non guilty expression and sit in the second living room avoiding our sleeping co-worker to not disturb him unless we got giddy.

Kat always knew that I was always a hands on kind of person. It's not always intended to be sexual and I find it to be comforting. So she didn't find it unusual when I placed my hand on her arms and started making small circles with my finger. Her hands fell open while i traced her fingers and circled her fingertips. Her legs were stretched out in front of me so I placed my hand on her leg and moved my hand from her ankles to her knee. Tiny little circles moving up and down her leg. She closed her eyes for a few seconds. And then opened them at the over barring light that came from a tv commercial.

I don't know why but my hand traveled further past my usual hands on zone. I guess for the night I let my hands have a mind of there own and I wanted to test my limits. My hand traveled past her knee and started making circles on her inner thigh, she didn't flinch or move she only parted her legs further to give my hands room to roam.

Was she enjoying this? Did she want me to go further?

Without hesitation I let my hands travel at a faster pace then my mind had time to comprehend. My hands got warmer as they made it further up her thighs. Even inches away from her vagina I could feel how hot she was. I put my finger on her panties over her clit and started making circles, she pushed herself into my hands. I slid my thumb up and down, and felt the wet spot beginning to form. I slid my finger between the barrier that her panties provided and traced her pelvic bone, even in this moment i took the time to admire one of my favorite parts in the female anatomy, the way her curves dipped in and led straight down a path to her vagina. I slid a finger into her opening and saw her bite back a moan. I always derived pleasure from giving other people pleasure, so this, her holding back intrigued me. The growing sensation between my legs was proof of that. I grabbed at her underwear and pulled them off, I positioned myself on my own leg so I can give into my own pleasure while focusing on her. I pushed her skirt up so I can expose the thighs that I've been making tiny circles on, and vagina. I grabbed her thigh and pulled her closer to me. I put my lips against her thigh while my free hand wandered and found her awaiting hole. She was still fighting, I pulled out my finger and slid in two. Her body reacted and pushed down into me, i started to slowly push in then pull out, I began grinding into my own leg letting my arousal find a rhythm of its own. I started going faster her low whimpers were growing into sultry moans. She kept trying to hold back to not make much noise, as to not wake anybody up.

I moved my hand away and she groaned in disapproval. I smirked at her and grabbed her leg and placed it on my shoulder.Still maintaining eye contact I placed my lips on her ankle and let my tongue find there way to her skin, tasted salty. I begin sliding down her leg with my tongue. Her eyes widen in protest as she realized the desired location of my wandering tongue, she tried to pull away from me but i grabbed both her legs to keep her in place. I removed my head from her thighs and went straight for her vagina. Pulling her legs apart I closed my mouth around her protruding clitoris. I slid my hands under her firm ass and grabbed a handful into both hands as my hunger for her taste take over. She was moaning and grinding into my mouth. I let go of one of her cheeks and slid two fingers while her vagina made a steady rhythm with my mouth. She cried out at the new invasion of her body. A deep groan formed in my throat at her obvious satisfaction. She was whimpering again trying to speak. What could she possibly have to say at a time like this? "We" panting now "We have to"...mmm she grinded into my mouth. "We have to stop" She finally finished pushing into me. For someone who wanted me to stop her body was telling me something completly different. Stopping I looked at her in confusion. Gasping for air she looked at me and said "we have to stop before everyone wakes up...god your really good at that". "Don't worry about it, were not loud" trying to pull her towards me again satisfied with the compliment. "No!" She said jumping away from my touch. "It's time for everyone to wake up and they'll be out soon". I didn't realize the sun was out our morning routine should soon start taking place soon which meant our co-workers alarm was set to wake him up in a few minutes. She was right, but I was very disappointed that I didn't get to make her cum. I would of loved to feel and see her body release. Hear her cry out as she climaxed. I thought of all these things as I watched her scramble to get up and searched for her underwear. "There wet and it's all your fault" she told me and we both laughed. We got ourselves together and went out back for her last morning cigarette before our hectic morning began. We sat there in silence for a moment. 'Well that was unexpected" she laughed "Did all of that really just happen? At work?" I said looking at her. She said "Yup, now i can cross having sex at work off my bucket list." We laughed again "Well overnights just got a lot more interesting". I teased her all morning and would pass by her and grab her ass as I usually did any other day. But today it was a reminder of or little rendezvous.

Kat and I did fool around a couple of more times at work. And once even with a strap on, what happened between us never affected our friendship in any way. It just made coming to work a lot more interesting, and our secret a hell of a lot more exciting
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