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Mortal men don't belong on pedestals

A little F/F for your Black Friday?

Title: For the Price of Silver
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: F/F, some BDSM and a tiny bit of rape play.
Word Count: 2311
Summary: When time travel goes bad.

Vail loved the diamond choker her great grandmother had given her. It allowed her to travel through time for all sorts of fun she’d never had been able to have in the present. It was a family heirloom, a gift of the Conovan women, to travel through time. They usually went treasure hunting, things they could sell to present day auction houses or pawn shops. Her anthropology and archeology degrees made for great covers.

Conovan women had been surviving of the fortune of others for decades. Vail didn’t understand how the choker worked. She just knew that she put it on and concentrated very hard on where she would like to go and POOF! She was there. The return trip was much faster and easier, a quick getaway was sometimes necessary.

Vail usually went about once a week. She’d stolen silver from Alan the Red; companion to William the Conqueror, a painting from the De’ Medici family, gems from the Romanovs and jewelry belonging to the matriarch of the Rothschild clan. She made sure to never take anything too famous or too valuable, trinkets really. But it kept her living the high life in her New York flat and in the lifestyle she and her family were accustomed.

After her 30th birthday however Vail had become bored with the time travel. Sometimes she craved a little more excitement than sneaking into a palace at night, snagging the treasure and being gone within minutes. She had started going after things of a more eccentric nature and doing so with more of a possibility of becoming caught.

Recently she’d brought back one of Vlad the Impaler’s spikes, a diary of the Marquis De Sade and a painting from Adolf Hitler. Today however she was looking forward to something a little more challenging. A specific torture device Erzebet Bathory’s husband gave her, silver claw like pinchers. Vail figured on the dark end of the antique world this would keep in her cash for several years.

Vail dressed for movement, a short skirt and motorcycle boots, she put on a black turtle neck with the fur vest and secured her hair in a bun at the nape of her neck. Granted she wouldn’t blend in with the locals, but she’d move quickly and quietly through the dungeon to her goal.

Clasping the choker Vail concentrated on the time and date she wanted to appear, eyes focused on the pictures she had of Erzebet Bathory and her castle. She felt the swimming sensation in her stomach start and closed her eyes, wind swirled around her, lifting her off the ground, heat blasting one side of her face while the other froze and then there was nothing.

Vail opened her eyes and grimaced against the musty old smell of the dungeon. The room was dark, lit poorly by a dozen or so torches against the wall. There was a thick layer of straw and hay on the ground and the scent of old blood and body order permeated the room. She spotted the pinchers hanging against the wall and made to move towards them.

“Well what have we here?”

Vail was again glad the choker also allowed her to be fluent in whatever language was be spoken in her travels as a pale white hand with red finger nails suddenly gripped her arm.
Vail was turned forcibly and came face to face with Erzebet herself.

Erzebet was tall, shapely and formidable. Her hair was down, dark blonde, flowing around her shoulders and she was wearing what must have been a night dress Vail could not believe that the countess had on such a sheer white gown. Didn’t women during this time period where thick unrevealing clothes? Not gowns that showed the curve or her breasts or the dark apex between her thighs.

“I just got done with my wifely duties and thought I’d come down here for a bit of fun. I did not realize I’d have company that was not called for.” Her voice was harsh and cold, lips stained berry red, eyes flashing.

“And your manner of dress…. Strange….” She circled Vail, never letting go of her arm, nails digging into the cotton her Vail’s shirt and her skin underneath.

“What should I do with you?” There was cruelty in her voice. But Vail didn’t care, for some reason she felt aroused, she shifted where she stood, trying to relieve the pressure between in her legs. Her nipples had grown taunt with just the other woman’s touch. Vail had taken the occasional female lover, but she was scared that she found this murderess so attractive.

“I can smell your arousal, do not be alarmed it is the cream my maid makes for me before I see my husband, it makes me irresistible.” Her laughter was dark.

“You are quite pretty and I am not as fulfilled as Ferenc would think. Perhaps you are a whore, yes?”

Vail struggled to speak, or at least get the courage to touch her choker and be whisked back home to her safe beautiful apartment.

“Yes, my lady’s maid but have sent you here for my enjoyment.” Erzebet pushed her back into the darkness of the dungeon pushing her to sit on a cement block; it was cold against Vail’s legs. Vail began to resist her.

“No, I just want to go home.” Vail begged, realizing as turned on as she was, she was also in quite a bit of danger.

Erzebet stood between Vail’s legs. “You’ll not get away from me so easy little one.” Erzebet smiled and kissed her, forcing her tongue into Vail’s mouth, tasting her fear.

Vail struggled trying to get away. Her fingers tore into the skin on Erzebet’s arms she was frightened, embarrassed and a little stimulated. She fought against her, trying to kick her legs to get away. Why had she come here? She knew the rumors; Erzebet was evil, a sadist and did what she wanted when she wanted it. Vail never should have been so cocky.

Erzebet kept plundering her mouth, holding her still with one hand as the other reached up under Vail’s shirt and took a plump breast into her hand. She rolled the girl’s nipple between her fingers and released her from the kiss.

“I’m going to fuck you Vail, and by the end you will like it.” She whispered, “And if you don’t, I really do not care.”

“No, don’t please, don’t.” Vail sobbed her free hand touched her choker, but because of the sensations rushing through her she couldn’t concentrate to activate it.

Her skirt had ridden up so her thong was the only thing between her and the stone, rough next to her soft skin.

“I will do what I want, when I want.” Erzebet said back. Still holding Vail down she released her nipple with a vicious pinch. She reached over Vail’s head and grabbed something that had been hanging on the wall, leather straps. She let go of Vail but kept her pushed into the wall.

Vail struggled, tears leaking down her face and Erzebet quickly tied her hands behind her back with the leather.

“There now you won’t struggle as much.” Erzebet smiled. She kissed Vail again and her hands moved to the inside of her thigh.

“Well this is interesting,” she murmured as her fingers found Vail’s thong. “I may have to request something like this in the future.”

One hand moved the small satin strip of her thong over and touched her. Vail wept but it turned into a moan as one of Erzebet’s long fingers slipped inside her, touching her moistness, moving in and out.

“Oh you horrible little whore.” Erzebet moaned. “You’ve been ready this whole time.”

“Oh no.” Vail wiggled, trying to get away but it only pushed Erzebet’s finger farther in her. Erzebet put another finger in the girl and then another, moving them swiftly in and out. Her eyes heated as she watched the mixed emotions on Vail’s face, fear and excitement. Her body struggling between trying to get away and wanting to move closer.

Erzebet pulled her fingers out of Vail and the girl opened her eyes, hoping and fearing that Erzebet was done and would let her go. If only Vail could think, clear her head, she’d be gone and this would all just go away. Erzebet gripped Vail’s thighs tightly and knelt. She put her face between Vail legs and spread them as far as they could go.

Vail bucked her hips. “No, let me go please.” She begged. Then bucked again as Erzebet’s tongue and mouth touched her nether lips. Erzebet’s tongue gliding between the folds and delving into her darkness.

Erzebet groaned as she pushed into Vail’s pussy. She lapped the sweet juices found just inside her. She could feel Vail’s body responding and she became more violet, using teeth, tongue and lips to arouse Vail. The girl still struggled she still didn’t want to be taken but Erzebet could also feel her giving in a little. Vail wanted more, she could feel her climax coming upon her, but she also wanted to go home, this couldn’t be happening!

Vail, jerked at her wrists and her hips arched to meet Erzebet’s tongue. Tears still leaked out of her eyes and she felt her orgasm building. She shouldn’t like this. The mantra repeated over and over in her head and then she came. Brutal and thrashing, her orgasm rolling over her, spilling through her.

Erzebet felt her cum and sighed, swallowing all the cream gushing from between Vail’s legs, but still she kept on, her finger nails making small red half moon shapes in the girl’s thighs, her tongue darting in and out of her. Vail trembled under her hands. The sounds Vail made heated Erzebet up. She let go of one thigh to slip her own hand down her body and under her gown. Knowing she what she desired she began to stroke herself.

Vail moved against Erzebet’s face, feeling the wet softness of Erzebet’s tongue she strained at her bondage sending shooting pains up her arms as she tried to break through the straps.

Erzebet stood and climbed on top of Vail, straddling her. “Do you want me to let you go?” She asked, caressing Vail’s her breasts with both hands.

“Yes please, please.” Vail beseeched. She was saying yes, but her cunt and breasts were shrieking, “NO FINISH IT!” She’d never felt like this, not with the men she’d fucked, not with the women. Who was the Countess to make her be so wanton?

“Then you better please me.” Erzebet smirked. She reached behind Vail and quickly untied her hands. She left one loose and tied the other to her own wrist.

“Please don’t make me.” Vail trembled under Erzebet. Erzebet squeezed her knees sending streaks of hurt up Vail’s thighs.

“If I wanted to touch myself I’d go back to my room.” Erzebet growled and kiss her so that Vail tasted herself and Erzebet on her tongue. Erzebet grabbed Vail’s hand and placed it over soft prickly hair at her entrance, over her nub.

“Do it.” She snarled, reaching a hand up and quickly touching Vail’s hair, pulling her head back and sinking teeth into Vail’s bottom lip.

Vail whimpered and shaking began to move her hand, she parted Erzebet’s folds feeling the heat and the sopping wet of her pussy. Her own cunt clenched in want as her mind screamed NO!. She slipped two fingers into Erzebet and began to move them, touching her clit, rubbing back and forth and then in circles. The other girl felt so good and Vail became even more confused.

Erzebet breathed heavily into Vail’s mouth. “Faster harlot.” She hissed in her ear.

Vail stroked faster, flicking her fingers over Erzebet’s sensitive skin. Erzebet came, gushing over Vail, shuddering as she rode Vail until every drop of pleasure had been taken from her.

“Can I go now?” Vail questioned. But Erzebet had other plans; she took Vail’s hand and forced it to her mouth.

“Suck me off of you.”

Vail, did, perversely enjoying Erzebet’s taste. Vail found herself suddenly lying on her back; legs shoved apart, knees bent. Before she could ask what was going on waves of agony and pleasure consumed her. Something large and hard was forced into her snatch taking the breath from her lungs. She tried to move away from whatever was plunging into her.

Erzebet loved the way the polished wood phallus felt in her hands, loved the sound it made moving through the whore’s flesh, the scent of cunt, heat and sex.

Erzebet thrust the object deep within Vail, making the girl feel like she was going to break as panicked laced ecstasy swamped her.

Vail started to match the driving motions of the phallus, clenching around it as she would a finger or tongue, incoherent words flowed out of her mouth. It hurt, but the intense delight over came the pain, setting off all the elations sensors through her whole body.

She came, quaking, flooding all over the stone and Erzebet, severe carnal shivers taking control of her whole body. She could barely breathe, barely think. She felt Erzebet release the straps binding them together and leave.

Vail’s fingers brushed her choker, she needed to get home, this had been too much, too extreme. She opened her eyes and saw Erzebet grinning, holding the silver pinchers Vail had come for.

Fear filled Vail as she thought of home, the smell of her roses, and the feel of her silk sheets. Just as Erzebet advanced Vail felt the wind and just like that she was home in her bed. Turning to her side she curled up and closed her eyes.

Great sex meant even better sleep. Maybe one day she’d go back for the pinchers.

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