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Writer's Block x posted

Title: Some Friendly Help
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1494
Warning: Girl/Girl, some dominance, light bondage

Havanna sat at her computer, wishing for the 1000th time that she didn’t have writer’s block. How could she possibly meet her publisher’s dead line if all she could do was stare forlornly at her computer screen. It was simple really, boy meets girl, girl finds out boy is vampire. Conflict, sex and finally happily ever after. It was what the fans wanted. Especially after her last three books sold so well. She’d been set upon by horny housewives begging for information of what inspired her at her last book signing.

The door across the room opened and Marigold, her roommate, entered the room. Bringing with her the smell of honey suckles and wine. Havanna wasn’t sure why her friend always smelled of sweet alcohol, the girl didn’t even drink. They’d been roommates for four years, since they both were twenty and had started attending college. It was a nice arrangement, though saddened right now by the fact Marigold would be leaving to get married within the month.

“You still having issues?” Mari asked, leaning over Havanna, her blonde hair falling in front of her face. Havanna loved the feel of all that sunshine spilling over her. There had been many nights when those locks had brushed her naked skin, but not anymore.

Havanna wasn’t so much sad that Marigold was getting married as she was frustrated, they’d had a great working relationship, sex with no strings, just friendship and someone to split the bills. Havanna’s nipples tightening under her shirt as she thought about Marigold’s cream colored flesh and how her green eyes sparkled when she came.

“I think I can help.” Mari took Havanna’s hand and led her into her bedroom. Havanna jerked to a stop, eyes wide.

“Mari? What the fuck?”

“What? You need a muse, right? I have an idea. Strip.” Marigold had put her hands on her hips and there was a dangerous look in her eyes. Havanna shook her head smiling and got naked, her tanned skin a contrast to Mari’s. Where Mari was fair Havanna was dark, auburn hair, chocolate colored eyes. Where Mari was svelte, Havanna was round and full figured.

Marigold undressed as well and pushed Havanna onto her bed, kissing her fiercely, hands cupping Havanna’s large breasts, squeezing them until she cried out, a mixture of pleasure and pain. Then Mari reached into the drawer of her mahogany nightstand, pulling out, first, a piece of black cloth, then leather bands.

Marigold smiled as she tied Anna’s wrists down, a deep laugh in the back of her throat. She made the leather tight, digging into Havanna’s dark skin. She leaned down, her platinum hair brushing Anna’s skin as she repeated the knot at her ankles. She felt the girl trembled and her smile grew wider.

Mari stood up and walked to the other side of the bed to look down the length of the girl. Her arms were now tied to the bed, her legs tied and bent so that Mari could see straight up and into her.

“How does that feel?” She asked as she moved to sit on the bed. Her own naked skin, sliding smooth on the sheets, feeling cool and good against her pale heated flesh.

“It hurts…” Havanna moaned, liking it.

“Well then I’ve done it right.” Marigold giggled. She recalled how much she’d wanted to fuck Havanna the first year after she’d moved in. How Havanna had teased her, it had been a fun game.
Faint glimpses of golden skin, small brushes of hands against hips, against nipples, against thighs. Small looks in showers and pools, it had driven Mari mad with want. Not caring it was another woman, just caring about putting hands on that flesh, licking, biting, punishing.

Marigold watched as Anna breathed, her breasts with their coral nipples going up and down, up and down. Her lips pursed, tongue darting out to lick them. Her brown eyes were covered by a thick black blindfold.

“Mari….are you sure…” Anna asked, moving a little trying to get more comfortable.

“Of course I am, this will help you write.” Marigold pouted, she climbed in between Anna’s legs and breathed on her purple, sweet, cunt. Anna jerked, hissing between her teeth.

“It’s the least I can do since I am leaving soon.” Marigold’s tongue flicked out licking across Havanna’s sensitive skin, causing her to strain against her bonds. Mari smiled and gripped the girl’s thighs, digging in with her nails. She smiled and dove into Anna’s cunt. Licking and biting, her tongue thrusting into her wet pussy.

Anna squirmed, crying out against the pleasure, against Mari’s tongue ravishing her. She moaned and pushed herself closer into Marigold’s face, rubbing her clit against her.

Mari moaned as she felt her own snatch tightened in pleasure. Anna tasted good and felt good under her; Mari had the control she could do anything she liked. Her tongue slid into Anna as far as it could go, licking the sides of her womanhood, sending her into a frenzy of pleasure.
Marigold straightened, on her knees. She leaned over, raking nails down her friend’s chest, squeezing her and pinching her until Anna was begging her to stop. Mari crawled up from between Anna’s legs and straddled her, rubbing their cunts together.

“Mari….Goddess….” Havanna moaned, thrusting against the other girl’s slim form. Mari just smiled and slipped a finger into her own sopping cunt. She slid it deep, a groan issuing from her throat. She pulled out her heated finger and quickly put it into Havanna’s mouth.

“Suck.” She whispered ferociously, her nipples tightened as Anna began to lave the juices off of Mari’s finger. “You like it don’t you little bitch.” Mari growled, crawling and straddling Anna’s face. “Eat me, lick me, fuck me!” Mari moaned, grinding her pussy into Anna’s face.

Havanna breathed in Mari’s scent, loving how dominant she was being. Eyes covered and in darkness feeling her friend’s fluids on her mouth and cheeks, she began to nuzzle her, tongue stroking back and forth, teasing Mari’s lips, cunt, clit. She thrust her tongue up into her, blowing hot air on Mari’s delicate bits.

Havanna smiled, her own womanhood throbbing to be touched as she plundered Mari with her mouth, she felt Mari shiver above her, her hips rocking, forcing Anna to delve deeper and faster.
Just as Havanna’s breath began coming in frantic gasps, her need for air desperate, Mari came. Engulfing Anna’s whole mouth and nose in her cunt, she came screaming, grinding into her roommate, moaning as she spasmed to completion.

Mari lifted off of Anna and watched as Anna took several deep breaths. Mari ripped off the blind fold and kissed Havanna, enjoying how the girl tasted of pussy and sex. Then Mari undid the straps holding Havanna’s wrists to the bed, Anna took this opportunity to embrace the pale girl. Both of them were grinning and breathing hard.

Mari’s smile got mischievous and she reached her hand down and slipped two fingers into Anna’s wet folds, causing her to jump.

“Oh, I thought we were done.” Havanna murmured, hips rocking to the rhythm Mari was creating with her fingers.

“Not yet.” Marigold pushed her fingers deeper into Havanna causing her hips to buck frantically, her legs still spread for easy access. She began to move her fingers in out of Anna’s hot moist center.

Anna closed her eyes trying to control her breathing as Marigold finger fucked her. The pleasure building between her legs, the urge to thrust upwards was making her thighs shake. Her fingers nails dug into the mattress as she strived towards first orgasm.

“You are going to come so hard for me.” Mari whispered. She forced a third finger into Anna. Mari heard Anna’s very tiny whimper and she pushed deeper into her, not caring how close the pain/pleasure barrier was.

Anna jerked upwards, crying out. Marigold leaned down and kissed her, ravaging her mouth with her lips and teeth. They tasted each other in their mouths and then Anna came. She moaned, deep and loud, writhing on the bed, gushing with liquid over Mari’s hand, Mari kept working her until she climaxed again and again, each smaller than the last.

Anna came until she was a weeping shuddering girl lying in her friend’s arms, weak and trembling. Marigold untied her ankles and grabbed her, curling into her warmth, breathing in the scent of their fucking. She licked a path around Havanna’s neck, as Anna moaned, arms wrapped around Mari, clutching her.

“Now get up and write.” Mari closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Energy surging through her Havanna untangled herself from Marigold and walked, naked, to the living room. The scent of sex filling the air, her body tingling from the aftermath of her intense climaxes. She sat down at the computer and began to write. As she typed she wondered if Mari would be up for that becoming a writer’s block tradition.
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