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Mortal men don't belong on pedestals

Sexting at it's finest

Title: Just a little Sexting
Rating: NC-17
Author: ME
Warning: GIRL/GIRL
Word Count: 871

Texting saved Raven from being alone.

What are you doing tonight Reese?

Raven couldn’t be with her lover.

I want you Reese, I ache for you

It pounded through her veins every day, while sitting at work, in school, at night, alone in her bed.

Touch yourself and think of me, are you wet with want and need?

She ached between her thighs that she couldn’t touch her lover’s hair, that she couldn’t kiss her or have her come in her arms, trembling with release.

I want to fuck you, I’m wet with wanting you

All she had were the words, text messages late in the night.

If you were here what would you do to me?

She had sore fingers from punching small buttons and from pleasing herself and wishing it were Reese.

I want to kiss you all over, I want to lick you until you come screaming in my mouth

Raven squeezed her own nipples and touched herself until her skin was on fire, every day thinking of new things to text Reese so the girl knew how much Raven wanted her.

I want you over me knee, I want you under me, I want your blood, your soul, and I want every time you come for you to think about me, only me.

Raven went to sleep each night smelling of her own sex.


Raven saved Reese from being alone.

I’m thinking about you Raven, I miss you.

Reese wished and hoped every day that today would be the day she could hop on a plane and find Raven.

I love you, I need you, touch me.

Her body ached with each word Raven sent her, her skin flushed and her breathing grew ragged.

I feel soft and wet Raven, I’m hot and ready

Reese sat at home, she day dreamed and cleaned, but her clit was always swollen, her phone always by her side, waiting for one more message.

I wish you were here, I’d spread myself beneath you, I’ve never wanted anyone this much.

Every night Reese brought herself while reading what Raven wrote, every time her boyfriend touched her her mind screamed Raven’s name.

If you were here, I’d love you, you’d never be alone, we’d both never be alone.

Sometimes she came without touching herself, she’d be reading an erotic story Raven wrote or one of Raven’s messages and suddenly she’d come, gushing over the chair, body trembling as her womb clenched.

I came today just thinking about you Raven, I didn’t even have to touch myself.

Raven got on a plane, she’d waited too long.

I’m coming to see you Raven, we’ll make each other scream.


Raven met her at the airport, the moment they touched flames leaped between them. Raven pulled her into the ladies room and into a stall, not caring that other women were stopping to stare, not noticing the glares and hushed whispers.

Reese trembled as Raven’s hands seemed to be everywhere at once, she was pinned up against the cold tile, shirt half-unbuttoned, skirt up around her waist as Raven’s mouth plundered her own.

Raven whimpered at Reese’s taste, the feel of her lush skin under her fingers, she stroked her plump breasts, her cunt growing slicker with each touch, with each moan from Reese’s mouth.

Reese cried out as Raven’s fingers slipped between her thighs and began to stroke her, she was so wet and hot, and she moved against Raven’s fingers as not two but three slid deep inside her.

Raven grabbed Reese’ hand and directed it to her own fiery pussy, she bit the girl’s lip so that Reese’s mouth would open wider, Reese took the hint and cried out as Raven’s tongue began to assault her mouth.

Reese’ finger delved deep into her lover’s pussy, the feel of her aroused womanhood making her breathing shallow, the taste of Raven’s tongue caused her back to arch. The tile against her bare ass was still cool, adding to the sensation.

“Come Reese, now, you come when I tell you too,” Raven growled in Reese’ ear.

Reese shuddered and then came; she threw her head back, hitting the tile as her orgasm rode through her. She gripped Raven’s hair, “God Raven! Fuck me!” she cried out, bucking against Raven’s fingers.

Raven soon followed, she grabbed the girl’s hips shoving her into the wall as she collapsed on her full figure, her body writhing as she cried Reese’ name, her body clenching around the girl’s fingers.

As they calmed down and their breathing returned to normal they noticed how silent the bathroom was, Reese blushed, pulling down her skirt.

“Reese you came? You left him?” Raven gasped, kissing her again and helping her right her clothes.

“Yes, I needed to know that all the talk… that it was real,” Reese moaned as in turn she helped Raven put her pants back on.

“And was it worth it?” Raven asked, opening the stall door and pulling Reese out and back into the airport.

“More than worth it.” Reese grinned.

“Well let me take you home and repeat it in bed, but first let’s get your luggage.” Raven winked and they darted off to the luggage bins.

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