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1. Balancing Scales

Chapter One

The House

Summary: It's elf-fairy-mermaid-et cetera porn, with several different women as main characters who're all connected in some way. Don't expect to come in here and find any Jane Austin or Stephen King in here, though.

Rating: NC-17.

Notes: Not Earth. The genre is fantasy-(lesbian) erotica, I guess.

Rahel sighed fondly at the familiar speech given mostly for the benefit of the two new girls to the club, her favorite club, resting her hands on the curve of her ass. Painted and filed fingernails tapped on the seat of her trousers as she stood towards the back of the parlor occupied by a group of ten or so women. Glancing over at her twin sister, Carmel, Rahel grinned mischievously and ran her tongue along the back of her white teeth in anticipation. This year's indoctrination was looking like a splendid time indeed.

A red haired woman by the name of Vashti who owned a shyly beautiful smile and an athletically built woman with elegant features who called herself Mohani squirmed in their chairs in front of Jescha, the perky proprietor of the establishment. The ginger wore her teaching uniform, a fitted brown jacket with a sensible skirt of the same color, and had her trembling hands clasped tightly behind her back. Mohani, on the other hand, sat with her legs crossed and hands rested limply in her lap, eyes on the smirking woman in front of her as she ignored Jescha.

Jescha fell to her knees, jet black bangs obscuring dark slanted eyes, and in one precise motion unzipped and yanked off Vashti's skirt, and in response the other woman gasped, face flushing both splendidly. The freckled blond next to her's eyes widened when Sabrina, who was no stranger to her at all, fell into her lap with a delight laughter after tugging off her skirt. Both of them were very pleased.

Mohani watched with enchantment as Sabrina pulled off her teal, silk tunic in one smooth movement. The fitted top had left little to the imagination but the tanned woman's hands tightened their grip on Sabrina's hips and her breathing hitched when Sabrina's  breasts sprang out exposed. Erect nipples stared straight at her from the middle of brown circles attached to the well-sized globes.

"Jaenin," she whispered, hands sliding up Sabrina's stomach towards her chest. "They're bloody perfect."

Not too big, not too small, she mused that all the oggling done in the balls and festivals had not been wasted. Not at all.

"Yes?" Sabrina giggled and cupping the other woman's face, tilted her head back so that her gaze was pulled from the lovely set of breasts to the southerner lady's smiling face. Mohani took in a shaky breath, chest heaving as the older woman wrapped her legs around her and rubbed her wet sex against the other woman's muscled stomach. "Go ahead."

Mohani pressed her mouth tightly shut to keep out the embarrassingly aroused sound that was about to come out of her mouth when Sabrina used the hand that wasn't steadying herself to flick at her clit and arched her back so that her beautiful chest was even closer, tempting her all the more. Giving in, she reverently cupped the breast closest to hers and gently suckled the hard nipple. She smiled around it, sucking hard and nipping softly at the sensitive piece of flesh as she felt Sabrina shudder against her and let out an unsteady moan.

When Sabrina arched her back into Mohani's touched, moving her soaked pussy away from her, they were both too enarmored by each other and distracted by Mohani's hand cupping her womanhood, to really notice what was going on with the other recruits. No one else shared their feelings.

A few women, of course, were already hot on each other and entangling their bodies together, but the two or so members left couldn't take their eyes off the moaning and panting form of Valerie. Her shoulders were heaving, full lips part as she surged upwards to once again catch Carmel's mouth with hers. The twins had taken good care of her once Jescha had moved on and had sufficiently taken her out of her shell, if they did say so themselves.

"Look at how she is built, sister, as if by Bavi's own hand she was sculpted!" Rita had exclaimed upon further inspection as she stood with her hands on her hips. She eyed the curve of Vashti's voluptuous ass and a soft but nearly flat stomach that led to ample breasts with appreciation. "Do you think the angel's gave her to us?"

Carmel who had a wicked grin on her face to match her sister's as she straddled the petite girl she then had pinned to the floor, didn't respond. She, staring into Vashti's heavily dilated eyes, blew on the wet folds of her needy sex and shivered with glee when a desperate whimper flew out from between pink, glossy lips, and she kissed the inner thighs of widening legs. Her skin was pale and flushed underneath Carmel's tanned hands and her muscles twitched with excitement, and hot weakness swirled around in her lower stomach as the Milian woman nipped at the sensitive flesh.

"Please...p-please..." Vashti plead breathlessly, and while Carmel's breath grew more shallow, she refused to provide immediate mercy.

She hovered over Vashti's button for a moment and snickered when the other woman bucked upwards into her open mouth and made a whining noise when she kissed the place where Vashti's belly stopped and her mound began. Vashti's hands squeezed and played with her breasts and she moaned loud and shamelessly when Carmel dragged her tongue along the length of Vshti's shaved lower lips.

"Hmmm...yes, yes," she murmured, eyes closing for a short moment.

Her eyes fluttered open when she felt someone stand with both feet on either side of her head and gazed up into Rahel's laughing eyes as the slim girl dropped to her knees in one swift movement .

Vashti groaned at the sight of Rahel's naked sex, shaved bald except for a patch of hair on her mound. "You like that don't you?" the younger woman said, and seemed pleased as she noted Valshti's interest.

Rahel shuffled backwards and bent forward, shaking her chest and minuscule bosom in Vashti's flushed face until the other woman jerked forward and licked the erect, brown nipple. Rahel purred, humping the carpeted floor, and lowered herself more so that Vashti had better access to her breasts. The well-figured elf writhed and continued her noisy expression all the stronger, both from the way Carmel's tongue pressed forcefully against the full length of her clit as deft fingers teased their way into her sopping vagina and the sight of Rahel's dripping nether lips floating ever closer to her mouth.

Taking the initiative, Vashti took a hold of Rahel's bony hips and tugged her into a position to both their likings and licked her lower lips hungrily as she eyed the ripe and ready womanhood. Her whole body strummed from anticipation and she moaned into the sweet cavern when two of Carmel's digits surged in, stroking the inside of Valerie's  virgin sex. Above her Rahel bit her lower lip with impatience and ducked down a bit onto Vashti's face, urging her on and the former virgin eagerly licked the wet vagina.

"Oh, damn yes, darlin'!" Given any other situation, Vashti would've blushed heavily at Rahel's pure abandon, but given that Vashti was beginning to eat her pussy and tweak her clit with nervous fingers, blushing just didn't seem very appropriate. "Shit yes..."

Carmel would've chided her twin for her mindless swearing, but she was too busy sucking Vashti's clit and crooking her fingers as she felt Vashti orgasm underneath them. Her eyebrows rose with some surprise when nectar squirted from the bald womanhood but recovered quickly when arousal at the sight and sound of it took over. She lowered her mouth to Vashti's open vagina and thrust her tongue in, enjoying the tremors that went through the sociology professor's body, and toyed with her own clit and the other woman's simultaneously with each respective hand.

Vashti cried her completion passionately into Rahel'ssex and spreading the lips, dug deeper into the enticing hole. "Tastes so good..." she whimpered and squirmed deeper into Carmel's touch. Her back arched when Rahel cupped as much of Vashti's breasts in her hand as possible and moved them around carefully. "Damn!" she squealed, and Rahel's grin was cut short by wanton moans as Vashti squeezed her small clit hard.

"Mmmm, sh-shit, baby...!" she screamed when she came and rubbed her womanhood against Vashti's face even as she greedily lapped up the flowing nectar.

Vashti swallowed it all hungrily and rose up and licked at the juices on her chin after Rahel dismount. She didn't stop moaning because Carmel refused to stop munching on her hot sex and she thrashed on the carpet. Vashti's blue eyes widened when Rahel licked her breasts and sucked hard at the dusky pink nipples. This enthusiastic kissing of her beautiful breasts, coupled with how deeply into her slick womanhood Carmel had burrowed led to her third orgasm. Her hand went to the back of Carmel's head as she swore softly in elvish and came, spurting her sweet juices into Carmel's waiting mouth. She whimpered as the trim woman drank it in almost as hungrily as Vashti had with Rahel.

"Your bosom is so amazing, my rose," Rahel mumbled before taking in as much of one as she could. Vashti rubbed the back of her head in encouragement, slightly worn from her multiple orgasms but still greedy for more. "Jaenin bloody Bavi, how big are these?"

Vashti blushed as Rahel looked up at her, a lovely sight with her mouth attached to Vashti's pale breasts. "O-Oh..." she moaned, not hearing the question at first, but then stammered in reply. "I don't know."

"Suppose you wouldn't," she murmured and sucked harder.

"Well damn, you're bigger than Sabrina. Forget that, in fact, you're almost as buxom as Lixue." Carmel crawled up Vashti's body, and took the lonely globe to her right. 

Both sisters pressed their wet sexes against one of Vashti's thighs and slowly humped their respective limb as their hands alternated between squeezing and teasing her impressive breasts and toying with her pretty womanhood. She was anything but unresponsive to their ministrations and her hands clutched at and slapped their behinds with excitement. She'd only ever dreamed of something like this happening to her, in the middle of the night when her roommate was out dancing on some man's member and she was alone with nothing but her fantasy and hands.

Up till then, she'd played the good little girl and befriended two of the only other good girls left. But she couldn't take it anymore. She was almost always in a situation of want and while her studies didn't really suffer, she found that in the last year of her graduate studies, she'd been disturbingly distracted. By a woman bent over to pick something up, her psych professor, ankles...It'd become ridiculous and she'd been near mad when she finally said 'screw it!' and joined one of the gayest and most sexual clubs in the city.

"K-Keep doing that," she stammered as their tongues swirled around her pebbled nipples and they pressed her breasts together.

When Rahel began an open mouthed kiss with the underside of her breasts and pinched her nipple, she decided it was one of the best choices she'd ever made, if not the best. She rubbed into their hands and tentatively slid fingers into their throbbing sexes as they grounded their clits into her skin. Carmel abruptly rose moments after she came, trembling and noisily, onto Valerie's leg and walked up until her pussy hovered over Valerie's face. She didn't question it as Carmel threw her a lust ridden look and her eyes settled on the soaked folds perfectly identical to her sisters. She wondered if it would taste as good and surged forward, taking the clit in her mouth and bending her head back for better access. .

"Bavi's arrow!"

Vashti moved her hands to her own breasts as Rahel moved away and settled behind Carlota. She was almost too preoccupied by her own ministrations and Carmel's rampant swearing in elvish as Valerie plundered her hot womahood to notice Rahel spreading her sister's legs apart and the tongue that nearly touched her own. Valerie paused, enraptured as Rita's tongue dug into Carlota's relaxed asshole, and her body buzzed with excitement.

Carmel shuddered and their frantic moans overlapped into each other's filling the room as girls looked on. Trousers, pants, and breeches were shimmied out of, skirts and under drawers were dropped, and dresses rose up for access until their groans and whimpers flowed out of the room, and probably passerby could hear their collective sex. Girls paired off, or formed groups and soon the room smelled of their potent arousal and saccharine nectars. Vashti noticed this after Carmel loudly reached her climax, bucking around Vashti's face, and as she licked her lips and fingers dry. She grinned and her eyes met Rahel's as the cheerful woman peered at her from between Carlota's legs.

"I absolutely love it here!"

For the first time in a long time, in too long of a time, Sabrina woke up happy. She didn't think of her family's ultimatums, or how badly she needed for this to never reach them. Their disapproving faces didn't dance before her eyes, and she didn't wonder on whether or not the woman next to her would wake up with disgust scrawled all over her face. The cotton sheets slipped pleasantly against her chin and she didn't completely balk at the sight of the person sleeping next to her. Which was, honestly, ridiculous because it was just Mohani, the human newbie come to replace an old member who'd left for New Cidurean last year. But she still couldn't suppress the small smile on her face when she saw Mohani, sunlight caught in her golden locks and body curled around her own.

She didn't move from her spot on the bed, and only glanced at the clock before deciding that she didn't care if she missed her math lecture and relaxed into the bed once more. Everyone knew she was good at mathematics and anything related to it, even she did. It was why all the girls who were in any kind of association with the blue blooded drow came to her for some form of tutoring eventually. So she didn't stress it and only yawned into her hand, watching the other day play around in her head.

The thing she'd found most endearing about Mohani was the laughter. Most girls in the club, hell, people in general really, didn't want to think of sex as something with a sense of humor. It was supposed to be hot and passionate and just bloody sexy. But Sabrina always thought that being funny was one of the sexiest things a person could be and so in her eyes, she wasn't different from any of them at all. Even so, mistakes in techniques were supposed to be quickly covered up and overlooked. Everything was supposed to be perfect. Like the live sex shows they had in Avasker and Nulain, or the pole dancers that worked in areas like the Pearl Grounds.

It wasn't like that with Mohani.

Oh, perfection, and on a certain level seriousness too, were certainly not things to be frowned upon in reference to intercourse. In fact, that from from yesterday (what was her name again? Va-something. It was on the tip of her tongue...) had seemed to enjoy it. No, that was an understatement. Sabrina knew that she herself enjoyed sex maybe more than she should, but her affection had never reached the insatiable levels of enthusiasm of the (strangely enough) older woman. The new woman, with her pole dancer breasts and nubile body, had reveled in it much like the actresses' whose bosoms she mimicked. She'd been arguably the start of the orgy and had been going till, while not the end because gods and goddesses she was human, too near to the end for Sabrina's own comfort. Although, she'd freely admit that it had all been hot as heatstroke in hell.

That still didn't stop her and Mohani from retiring to one of the few rooms used on the rare occasion when any of the members wanted to be alone, however, in search of privacy and knowing that no one would make the laborious journey up the stairs once they collapsed from the exhaustion of multiple orgasm. Their noses bumped together the first few times they kissed and they'd both giggled madly when Sabrina tripped over a sex toy whose nature she couldn't recall but at the moment she'd been spurred into naive embarrassment by the scandalized look on Mohani's face. They'd been slow and gentle, intimate like lovers, and if it had been anyone else, Sabrina would've felt wary about the deep, cliche connection forged between them.

Not because Mohani was special, even if she was. It was because they'd met before, several times in fact, many depending on who you asked and how you asked them, and it was their that the bond had been created. They had attended common parties and it had all started when Sabrina asked Mohani a question about what was going on during a particularly long toast and she had given some thoughtlessly quick guess (that had been very incorrect). It had gone extraordinarily average after that.
It started with a fumbling suggestion of tea. And then the fiasco continued with a ‘classic’—or cliché—dinner and a play. Two dates, and then maybe yesterday had been their third. It was all so much of a surprisingly traditional way of courting that it was refreshing to Sabrina.

"Good morning." Mohani yawned, and before she could stop herself, Sabrina smiled and got out of bed.

"Morning, love."

Then her eyes landed on the clock, and she jumped in her own skin, spinning around. "Z'wounds!" she cried, and realizing her clothes, her expensive custom made bodice and skirts, would be in the closest near the entrance she'd left them at before she walked in to see Mohani.

The blonde elf rose out of bed and stepped up next to her.

She was late. "I'm late!"

"Late for what?"

"A meeting," she gasped, and headed for the door but Mohani stopped her.
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