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first post & first erotic story. feedback?
based on true events.

If Cruel Intentions had not been on HBO That Night, things probably would have been very different.
Nicole and Alice had been best friends since they met in 6th grade, when Alice and her family moved to the wealthy suburban down of Woodbank. Alice was shy back then, she had acne, glasses, and braces, and was scrawny and tall, already taller than all of the other girls. She was terrified at first and kept to herself, and a group of nasty girls with shiny pink lip gloss and Louis Vuitton bags made her life hell for the first week of school in Language Arts class. One day, one of them stuck a note on Alice's back that said 'FREAK'. Nicole noticed then but couldn't see what the note said till after class. She was infuriated when she saw what it said. She marched up to the mean girl, knocked her books out of her hands, and called her a bitch. She was called down to the principal's office and they called her parents.
From then on, they were inseperable. They went through the delights and traumas of middle school and high school together.
School wasn't bad for Alice for long though. In 7th grade her mother put her on Proactiv. In 8th grade she got contact lenses. In 9th grade her braces came off. In middle school being 5'8 made you feel like a freak, but by 10th grade she had filled out - her legs were toned, her stomach still flat and her hips still bony, her ass round and small. Though she was scrawny all around for a while, somewhere in between freshman and sophomore year she sprouted B-cups, which turned into perky C-cups, the kind of breasts perfect for sexy, lacy push-up bra. She grew out her thick straight-across bangs and lost the same-length-all-around stick straight, boring haircut, and got wispy bangs in her dirty blonde hair and liked to get it layered. Her skin tanned nicely all year round, and her eyes big and celery green.
Basically, she was a babe, a fact which Nicole certain took notice of. With her long, thin dancer's legs, shoulder length chesnut brown spiralling curls, hazel eyes, perky 32cups, and persuasive pearly white smile, Nicole wasn't terribly bad looking herself. Once the two had passed through the awkward early stages of puberty, they started getting a lot of male attention, especially as a pair.
They had kissed once before That Night. The beginning of sophomore year. It was one of the first times they both got drunk, at a party of a mutual friend, who's parents were going out for a weekend. Her 23-year-old sister had bought the girls beer for the night, and when they all ran out around one in the morning, she did another beer run for them. They were a bunch of silly, wasted 15-year-old girls. They were clumsily playing beer pong, dancing to the music that was blasting, and giggling about stupid stuff.
It was around 4 AM, when half the people there had passed out, and half were watching TV and devouring bags of chips. Nicole and Alice were sitting on the bathroom floor, drunk dialing anyone who would pick up, specifically ex-boyfriends.
"Nikki, we should kiss! Just to practice on each other. I want an honest opinion on what I kiss like, and we can tell James and Connor we kissed! They'll eat their hearts out." Alice finished her sentence with a giggle and a hiccup.
"Mmmm, okay, but just for practice" Nicole slurred.
"Yep, for practice." Giggle, hiccup.
Nicole leaned in, closed her eyes, and kissed Alice on the mouth. They kissed for about 10 seconds, cautiously exploring each others' mouths with their tongues. They pulled apart and Alice burst into hysteric giggles. As she did, she leaned in again and kissed Nicole again, this time for only about 5 seconds. When they stop their kiss Nicole tentatively reached over to Alice's crotch that was covered by her red Soffee shorts. As soon as Alice noticed what Nicole was trying to do, someone knocked on the door to join in on the prank calls, and then the fun was over.
But that was two years ago before That Night. The night where the REAL fun started.
It was the summer before their senior year of high school. Both girls were 17 years old. It was a hot Friday evening in early August. Alice's parents were going away for the weekend on a book tour, and since her older brother would mainly be at his girlfriend's house, she wanted a companion for the weekend, so Nicole volunteered to sleep over as she had so many nights before when Alice's parents were on book tours.
They had been at a party with a group of school friends, but the parents came home early, and the pair ended up wandering around drunkenly for the rest of the night with a couple of other mutual friends. They were less drunk than they had been at the peak of the evening, but when they arrived back at Alice's they were only slightly buzzed. Alice led Nicole through the gate to the backyard, where she retrieved the spare key from under her deck while Nicole lit up a Parliament Light. After that, they entered the house through the back door and prepared for their usual sleepover nights: smoothies and a movie. While Alice was getting the smoothie ingridients, she noticed something that caught her eye in the fridge. She pulled it out with a grin and showed it to Nicole like a trophy - a big bottle of Grey Goose vodka.
"Oh shit, we're gonna have fun tonight" said Nicole with a laugh.
She had no idea yet.
They'd taken a few shots, put some vodka in their smoothies, and taken a few more as the movie went on. By this time Alice was wearing one of her favorite satin and lace slip nightgowns, hot pink and black, a bit loose on her but still sexy. Nicole was wearing a worn button-up shirt in gray flannel and a pair of thin plaid girl boxers. They were both lying in Alice's queen-sized bed, watching her TV. They'd started out on opposite sides, but with increasing tension and alcohol in their system they'd moved quite close to one another.
And of course, there was the Cruel Intentions factor.
It just so happened that on this night, Cruel Intentions was the only good thing on On Demand. The two girls were big Sarah Michelle Gellar fans, since Nicole's older sister was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and was always watching it when the two were at Nicole's house when they were younger. She had gotten them hooked.
"I love you, Alice. Fer real. I'm so glad you're my friend." Nicole shamelessly professed in a loud whisper, in that drunken mindstate where you want to tell everyone how much you appreciate them.
"Awww, Iluhyoutoo" Alice slurred. She hugged her best friend tightly. They pulled apart and continued watching the movie, but they didn't pull apart completely. Their legs were intertwined. Nicole's head rested on Alice's shoulder. And Nicole's right breast was pressed up against Alice's left breast. It made Nicole feel that familiar pulsing feeling between her legs.
About 10 minutes after that exchange was the infamous kiss scene in Cruel Intentions, between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair. That's what started it all started.
"Nikki, what do you think it'd be like to be with a girl?" Alice asked suddenly.
Nicole was surprised. "I don't know" she stammered.
"Have you ever thought about being with a girl?"
Nicole paused before speaking, thinking about how to answer that. She chose the honesty route. "Yeah, I guess I have."
"Me too" Alice said quietly. "I mean, I know I like guys romantically. But I've definitely thought about what it would be like to be with a girl. You know, sexually. I think it would be nice."
Nicole's heart was pounding fast. "Yeah, I think so too."
Alice's pretty face was flushed with drunkenness and curiousity. "I like being with guys and all, I mean they can get me off and stuff, but I think a girl might know what a girl wants better. Like, I think I'd know exactly how to please a girl, you know?"
Nicole felt that pulsing sensation grow harder and faster, with great desire. "Uh huh." Then a secret slipped out. "I watch lesbian porn a lot. I think girl on girl is really hot."
Alice gasped "So do I! Really often, actually." She was quiet for a moment. "I get lonely in this big house. No one's ever here. It's nice to have a companion for once."
There was a moment of silence, then Alice took the leap.
"Nikki, remember when we kissed, that time in 10th grade?"
Nicole wondered if Alice could hear her heart pounding. She could swear it was as loud as a drum. "Yeah, I remember."
"Do you think we could do it again?"
Nicole's heart dropped to her stomach. She felt her nerves feel as though they'd explode with anxiety. It was almost too good to be true.
Alice continued. "Cause, to be honest with you, I think about it a lot. It was just playful fun at the time, but I liked it. It was kinda hot."
Nicole took her cue. She leaned in and kissed Alice on the mouth, gently and timidly at first, but Alice grabbed Nicole and pulled her closer towards her, so Nicole's leg rubbed against her pussy. She wasn't wearing underwear, and Nicole could feel her wetness rub onto her leg. They kissed passionately, their tongues greedily exploring each other's mouths. Nicole brought her hand up to Alice's breast, rubbing her nipple through the satin of her nightgown. She felt it grow hard underneath her fingertips.
Alice unbuttoned Nicole's shirt and scooped her breasts out of her silky white bra. She rubbed each breast with one hand, squeezing them occasionally, then took a stop at the nipples. She flicked and rubbed and pinched until Nicole's nipples were hard as rocks. When she started to touch herself with her right hand, she left Nicole's left breast unattended, so she started to use her mouth, suckling hard, flicking her nipple around with her tongue. She paused and looked up into Nicole's eyes. "Does that feel good?" she asked. Nicole nodded through her heavy breathing. Alice continued to suck on Nicole's tits until she felt a hand brush up against her pussy. She stopped. She knew Nicole was ready to take it to THAT level now. And she was too.
She reached around Nicole, unstrapped her bra, and threw it to the ground. Then she cupped her hand over Nicole's crotch. "Ooooh, you're wet" Alice growl-whispered. "I can feel it through your boxers." Alice tugged Nicole's boxers down her hips, revealing a semi-bush, tailored into a perfect triangle. Alice slipped her finger into Nicole's soaking wet slit, rubbing her gently with her index ringer Nicole's inner folds. She let out a long, heavy sigh and started to grind her hips, pushing Alice's finger inside of her. Alice fingerfucked her best friend for a few minutes, until her moans started to get loud and Alice was getting too turned on to be the giver anymore. She wanted to recieve.
She pulled her satin nightgown over her head and tossed it onto the floor. She gently pushed Nicole over so she was lying on her back, and straddled her, lowering herself onto her so their breasts touch. She rubbed her breasts against Nicole's, both girls wiggling and pressing with untamed desire. Alice lowered her hips when they were lined up with Nicole's, and their soaking wet pussies collided. Alice rubbed her soaked vagina onto Nicole's firmly, the dripping wetness inside their lips mixing together. It was as if their cunts were kissing.
Alice could no longer wait. She flipped herself over so that her pussy was directly over Nicole's face, and Nicole's pussy was right under her face. Nicole got the message, and 69ing another woman had always been her biggest fantasy. She buried her face into Nicole's muff, sucking and licking and stimulating furiously. Alice moaned loadly before she started her end of the deal, then lowered her head to Nicole's drenched pussy, gently pulled her lips apart, and run her tongue teasingly down her inner labia. Alice could feel Nicole quiver underneath her. She licked lightly, using only the tip of her tongue at first, all over the inner pinkness of Nicole's vagina. Then licked her finger and rubbed it against Nicole's long, pink, floppy clitorous, after which she took it her mouth and began to suck furiously.
They stayed in that position for a good amount of time, moaning and quivering, until they both were exhausted of the difficult position. Nicole pushed Alice off her and over so she lay on her stomach. She pushed her knees forward, indicating that Alice should get on all fours. She did, and Nicole had her dessert - Alice's sweet, tight, pink asshole. Alice cried and moaned with pleasure, and when Nicole finished she returned the favor.
Alice rolled over and lay on her stomach, her legs spread and her glistening pussy wide open. She was breathing heavily, out of exhaustion and beautiful, powerful, overwhelming sexual desire to continue to fuck her best friend. Nicole sat on the opposite end of the bed, in between Alice's legs. She spread her legs to, and lowered her pussy right into Nicole. They bucked and grinded their hips, rubbing their clits together furiously, letting each other's wetness get all over. Each girl moaned loudly. Alice reached over the union of pussies to play with Nicole's tits. She grabbed her perky B-cups and rubbed them furiously, squeezing and grabbing with need. They shared a beautiful moment together soon after: they both had their first orgasm. Their juices exploded, one within minutes of the other, all over each other's pussies, leaving the bed and their crotch areas soaked.
They both lay on the bed, panting, gasping for air for a few minutes. Nicole was exhausted. Suddenly she felt as though she haven't slept in days.
But then Alice spread her legs apart, lay down in between them, and said "Lay back and relax, gorgeous. I'm going to get you off like you've never gotten off before, and all you have to do is sit there and enjoy it."
Alice immediately plunged her face into Nicole's slick mound and started working her magic with her tongue. Nicole screamed with pleasure, chills zapping through her body from Alice's first enticing lick. Instinctively, she grabbed Alice's head and pushed it into her pussy. Alice continued to lap, like a kitty with a bowl of milk. Then Nicole got an idea. She stood up on the bed, stood over Alice's face, and lowered her wet cunt towards Alice's mouth, sitting on her knees with her legs spread. Alice teased Nicole's clit with her tongue, then she started to fingerfuck her, starting off gently and increasing speed and force.
Nicole was in heaven. Alice was right, she thought as she moaned and grinded her pussy on Alice's eager face, she does know how to please a woman. She smiled to herself.
Thank you Sarah Michelle Gellar.
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