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Ellie and Suzy hadn't known each other for very long.

Suzy had transferred to Ellie's school this term, having just moved to the area. Ellie had noticed the new girl straight away, the first day she had walked into her A Level Chemistry class.

Suzy had just slouched into the lab, black leather jacket, ripped skinny jeans, black teeshirt and beaten up white Converse basketball shoes.Her black hair had been short and slick with gel and she her books in a canvas bag over her shoulder adorned with a bold rainbow Pride patch.

Some of the other girls had looked away as Suzy scanned the class, looking for somewhere to sit, but Ellie had looked straight back and motioned to the empty stool next to hers.

From then on the two girls had become friends. Even so, Ellie was really quite in awe of Suzy. She was the first openly gay girl Ellie had ever met, bold and assertive and not in the least bit concerned that half the other girls in the Sixth Form were calling her a "dyke slut" behind her back.

Ellie had noticed that she was getting some odd looks herself from a few of the other girls, as well as a few half heard insults as she walked past.

The point was, though, that Suzy had a girlfriend and Ellie, at least as far as everyone else knew, was straight, apart from the rumours that were being whispered behind her back.

The truth was that Ellie simply didn't know any more. She had never had a crush on a girl or even really thought about any real girls she knew in that way before. It was just that Suzy made her tummy flip when she looked at her, she had this way of looking right at Ellie that was so deep and searching that Ellie could almost feel her thoughts being sucked out of her head by Suzy's unyielding gaze.

And those thoughts were getting pretty serious.

Ellie was a pretty girl, she had long curly auburn hair, pale freckly skin and green eyes. She was slim but full breasted and smiled easily, she knew that boys fancied her but laughed off their advances. In fact, she had never even had a boyfriend, there was always something holding her back.

In the dark privacy of her bedroom, Ellie had fantasised about sex, she wasn't ignorant, she knew how to masturbate and orgasmed easily. It was just that whenever she masturbated the shadowy figures that possessed her mind and her body in her thoughts had this habit of looking male but, right at the critical point, turned out to be female.

When Ellie masturbated, her thoughts were full of denim clad, muscular figures with short hair and tight teeshirts, biker jackets and boots. It was just that whenever they unzipped their jeans and pulled their teeshirts over their heads, the bodies underneath had small but firm, rounded breasts and smoothly depilated pussies.

It wasn't until Ellie had seen Suzy that she had really admitted to herself that what she wanted was a woman, a butch, strong woman who would sweep her off her feet and romance her into bed.

Being around Suzy was a constant sweet agony for Ellie. She knew Suzy was a lezzie, she had even met her girlfriend, a semi butch girl called Jemma, but she just couldn't actually manage to say anything about her own feelings to Suzy. Jemma was the problem, she knew that. If Suzy had been single, Ellie would have done something by now.

Ellie was in love, she knew that. She got sweaty and trembly each morning as she walked through the door to the Sixth Form common room, because she knew that Suzy would be there.

The two girls were in the same classes for two of their A Levels; Chemistry and Maths. They sat together and worked together. They had lunch together and, as much as possible, socialised together, Jemma permitting.

Ellie got to hate Jemma. It wasn't her fault, she was friendly enough, she liked decent music and was a bit of a laugh. The issue was that she was sleeping with Suzy and Ellie wasn't. It got so bad that Ellie stopped going out to places where Jemma would be with Suzy and gradually she stopped going out at all, except for school.

She just couldn't stand seeing Jemma kissing and holding hands with her Suzy. Jealous? That was a pretty mild way of putting it.

One evening after school, Suzy suggested that Ellie stopped over at her place so they could go over their notes for a piece of coursework that was due the following week.

They had stopped off in the kitchen at first, chatted briefly to Suzy's Mum and then went upstairs to Suzy's room to go over their work.

Suzy put her iPod on shuffle and they started going over the notes, swapping ideas.

They were lying on Suzy's bed, on their stomachs, and Ellie was trembling so much and her heart was beating so fast and loud that she felt sure that Suzy could hear it.

The music stopped and Suzy rolled over and fiddled with her iPod. A new track started, Amy Winehouse and "Valerie".

Suzy sat back on her heels and sang along to the first few lines and then laughed.

"Cheesy, innit?" she asked.

"How'd you mean?" replied Ellie.

Suzy smiled and blushed a bit.

"Well, me playing this one, gotta be the dopiest attempt at a seduction song ever. I mean, come on Ginger Hair?. It's obvious innit? That's you. You and me."

Ellie was stunned. Suzy was making a move on her? Right here, with her Mum downstairs? What about Jemma?

"What about Jemma?" she heard herself asking. "I mean, you and her............"

Ellie's voice trailed away.

"Jemma's history." Suzy said firmly. "We split up last week. I was going to tell you, well, actually I am telling you. Like this."

Suzy pushed herself up from her heels and leant over Ellie, lowered her face to Ellie's and kissed her gently on the lips.

Ellie went icy cold, then hot, she felt her face burning as Suzy's soft lips brushed against her cheeks, nose, forehead.

She cautiously put her arms around Suzy and pulled her close, kissing her on the mouth, feeling Suzy's tongue snaking between her lips.

"Oh my" she whispered. "Oh my God."

Suzy rolled Ellie's teeshirt up, exposing her braless breasts, the pink nipples firm.

Softly Suzy kissed each nipple in turn, teasing them with her tongue and teeth, taking tiny nips at each one.

Ellie just lay back, her head on her forgotten course notes, as Suzy pushed Ellie's denim skirt up around her hips, her hand working its way inside the waistband of Ellie's knickers.

When Suzy's fingertips reached Ellie's pussy, Ellie thought that her heart would burst, the sensation of the other girl's fingers on her labia was just amazing.

Ellie moaned with pleasure as Suzy stroked along her pussy, teasing the wiry ginger hair, twisting it around her fingers.

She reached out a hand and stroked Suzy's head, feeling the short gel stiffened hair as she pushed Suzy's face down to her breasts.

Her pulse rate soared as Suzy used her fingers to part her pussy lips, her fingers seeking out the warm wet pinkness inside, slipping into her deep darkness, probing, pushing, teasing, then stroking along her gash until they reached the hard nubbin of her clit, teasing and rolling it, sending waves of intense feeling shooting deep into Ellie.

The way Ellie was feeling, she knew that she wasn't going to be able to hold on for much longer and, as she started to arch her back and push herself down against the probing of Suzy's fingers, she could feel the tension building inside herself, her legs were stretching out, her toes rigid, her buttocks clenching until the pressure became too much and she felt the intense explosion of her climax breaking. She gasped, squealing with pleasure until Suzy kissed her hard to shut her up, her mouth and fingers working together to ease Ellie down from her orgasm slowly and so deliciously.

Afterwards, as she lay on the bed, Suzy stood up, pulling off her teeshirt and unzipping her jeans, peeling them down her long slim legs, revealing her firm naked body. Braless and wearing only a plain black thong, Suzy went over to her bedroom door and locked it.

She turned around, a wicked smile on her face as she removed her thong.

"Right Miss Ellie." she said, stradding Ellie's face and placing her hairless pussy close to Ellie's mouth. "It is about time you learnt how to eat pussy. We have a lot of catching up work to do."
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