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One day, while I was trying to get some rest, one of my friends came over. Her name is Victoria. I've known her for about three years. She has money and likes to flaunt it. She just got back from a vacation in Mexico (lucky girl, I wish I had time to go on a vacation. Hell, I wish I just had time) and wanted to tell me about it. I was in the kitchen making us some tea while Victoria sat on the couch. She was droning on and on about how fun Mexico was. I wasn't really listening too much so I missed the whole story about a necklace she wanted to show me. When I sat down beside her, she held out a beautiful pendant necklace. Victoria said, "Look at this pendant Kelly. Isn't it pretty the way it changes colors. If you look real hard you can see beautiful designs in it. Look hard concentrate on the pendant, concentrate on the pendant, nothing but the pendant..." read the rest here More at Kate Grace Lesbian Dating Blog
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